1.  My health continues to be just fine.  Breast cancer is NOT something I'd recommend, but all signs are that the brutal treatment I underwent last year was effective.  I continue to feel stronger and more grateful for the simple ability to move through the day.  (And thank you to those of you who were worried!) 

2.  I got my dream job!  I was selected to a full time position with the park in the Science Communications office this fall and I can feel my brain growing daily!  It was a difficult decision to decide to close the main house to overnight guests as we have so enjoyed the people we've met over the years but we feel this is the right move for our family right now.  I love my new job! (But I do miss baking every morning.) 

3.  The family continues to do just fine.  We work hard, the girls play sports and complain over homework and our oldest daughter seems to have settled into college just fine.  (Go Griz!)  We are proud of our girls and continue to make them our top priority.  Seems as though they will be gone before we know it!

We hope that you will tell your friends about our great little Riverview Cabin (which still comes with delicious nightly treats) and follow our blog as I try and finally get caught up with posting some of the newer recipes I use for breakfast and baking. 

We thank you for your support, your business, and the faith in the human race that you've instilled in our family over the years.  It's meant more to us than you ever could imagine.  Also, come to Yellowstone!  It is YOUR national park!

Fondly,  Charissa  stay@headwatersyellowstone.com

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