We are more than willing to share our passion for and knowledge of your national park with you! 

1.  Allow plenty of time to get where you are going. The average speed limit in the park is less than 45 mph and there are times when bison jams can bring you to a complete stop!

2.  Do some research.  There are myriad books available that will give you an idea of what to expect.  Make a rough plan before you arrive but stay flexible.  

3.  Don't try to see everything. See what you have time for WELL. It's a big place!

4.  Plan to spend most of your time in the PARK rather than in your car.  Try and get out to take at least a short hike every day.  You'll thank us!

5.  Attend a ranger program.  Did you know that only a small portion of visitors take advantage of these free offerings?  Join the elite ranks of visitors in the know!

6.  S L O W down. The pace of life here is pretty laid back and nothing happens very quickly.  Cell phones often don't work in the high country and an internet connection can be hard to find.  Think of this as a positive thing and enjoy it if you can!

Feel free to contact us with questions - email is always the best choice for us!  You may sometimes reach
us by phone at 406-640-9000.  Phone message will be returned within 24 hours.  

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